And so it begins

So I took the plunge and started….lol

Day one went something like this…

So I sat and planned yesterday what i wanted to achieve in the studio each week.

I also sat and scheduled in my weekday runs and walks…weekend runs will be based on “as and when i am available”

Being a personal trainer does kind of limit the times that i am able to train…but no more excuses..this isn’t a viable excuse. I will not spontaneously combust if I train in the afternoon…well, at least I think I wont.

I have experience on my side this time, having already done the Big Red Run 2017 i know what to expect when, i now how my body reacts to different surfaces and most importantly i have identified my weaknesses.

Starting off simple and working my way up. I have spent too long not running to expect to be able to pick up where i left off and in all honesty that wasn’t a great place anyway.

So i started this morning with an hour put by for running training. I decided in my wisdom that trying to run for the whole time was not going to be achievable so for now it will be intervals which will slowly increase in time/distance.

I went a distance of 5.25km, walking around 500m running around 500m, i managed 4 laps of my set route which i was quite happy with. Convinced that i can actually fit in 6 or maybe 7 laps within the hour next time as i finished earlier today.

Later on this morning i completed a leg workout in my studio…..fair to say i had jelly legs and they are starting to feel sore already!






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