Hills !!!

So today was my first hill workout..

Note to self..make sure you leave early enough so that you can have a full 30 minutes of hilly fun…Fair to say i HATE hills. The capital letters are no mistake..lol

The fact i hate them just highlights the fact that i need to do more of them….OH JOY How awesome is it that the suburb i live in has an abundance of hills..

Quite pleased with todays effort despite not having the time there i wanted i still managed to run up the park pathway and walk down 5 time and then run up the big hill twice..everyone has to start somewhere yes?

Day 2…

So today i went for a walk with my training buddy Sally. Sally also participated intros years BRR but unfortunately came out early due to an ankle injury.

We will be initially walking together twice a week with the possibility of increasing sessions and time in the studio.

Our walk today took us round the streets of Windella , and we had actually forgot how hilly Windella is! Feeling the brewing doms in my walk this morning thats for sure

And so it begins

So I took the plunge and started….lol

Day one went something like this…

So I sat and planned yesterday what i wanted to achieve in the studio each week.

I also sat and scheduled in my weekday runs and walks…weekend runs will be based on “as and when i am available”

Being a personal trainer does kind of limit the times that i am able to train…but no more excuses..this isn’t a viable excuse. I will not spontaneously combust if I train in the afternoon…well, at least I think I wont.

I have experience on my side this time, having already done the Big Red Run 2017 i know what to expect when, i now how my body reacts to different surfaces and most importantly i have identified my weaknesses.

Starting off simple and working my way up. I have spent too long not running to expect to be able to pick up where i left off and in all honesty that wasn’t a great place anyway.

So i started this morning with an hour put by for running training. I decided in my wisdom that trying to run for the whole time was not going to be achievable so for now it will be intervals which will slowly increase in time/distance.

I went a distance of 5.25km, walking around 500m running around 500m, i managed 4 laps of my set route which i was quite happy with. Convinced that i can actually fit in 6 or maybe 7 laps within the hour next time as i finished earlier today.

Later on this morning i completed a leg workout in my studio…..fair to say i had jelly legs and they are starting to feel sore already!






Why am I here?

The thing is i am here to remain accountable. If i know that i need to do a regular blog on here than i need to make sure i have something to write about!

My story goes something like this…..

I am a 44 year old Personal Trainer that is actually really good at her job. I joined the industry quite late compared to others. I have never been a fitness freak…lol i don’t live, eat, sleep breath the gym. so you could ask why am I a PT then? I am a PT because i was old by many people that i inspire them… and that right there is what i struggle with.

I run my own show, got a nice little private studio and i love that its all mine. No having to get into the gym early to fight over equipment with the other PT’s, no expensive rent to pay the gym and no pressure to give all my services away free cos that what the gym is promoting at the moment to get new members. I am my own boss and although sometimes its a bit lonely to be responsible for everything i absolutely love that i have the freedom to do what i want.

So back to that thing i am struggling with….

I guess in fact i know that i don’t know what it is about me that inspires my clients..don’t get me wrong its awesome very awesome but i see what my clients do and i  am in awe of them. They work so hard, they push themselves to their absolute limit and are reaping the benefits…perfect.

Then theres me…

Yep i fell head over heels into the “so busy working on clients i don’t work on myself” hole. Most people believe that being a PT means you are bouncing around like a bunny all day long, you eat kale and never chocolate….hahahaha Thats not me. Having just come back from a eye opening 6 day trek across the desert in central Australia covering 180km and feeling yet again disappointed with my performance, i decided its time i took a dose of my own medicine, time i spent some time training me, lets see what i can do!

So this blog is basically going to be me writing about my journey… I am going back to the desert and this time it means business. Call it a PT giving herself a taste of her own medicine. A PT deciding that its time that i sucked it up and got on with it..that 250km run isn’t going to complete itself!!

So this is my journal, my log, my diary of sorts…I wanted to document my journey up until the next run. Document my ups and owns successes and failures ..whilst it not be extremely interesting to others for me to be able to go back and read this will be awesome.